Online Hypnotherapy

Experience the benefits of hypnotherapy online, in the comfort of your home

Research has shown that online hypnotherapy is just as effective as face-to-face, and is used by hypnotherapists throughout the world. Provided you are motivated, and can allocate uninterrupted time to the consultation, there is no reason that you will not receive similar results. Sue has used online hypnotherapy to help people throughout Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa and Canada.

Client Feedback about Online Hypnotherapy

I was extremely anxious all the time. I couldn’t leave the house by myself and I was having frequent panic attacks. 

Since seeing Sue I have learnt about anxiety triggers and haw to deal with panic attacks. I have learnt how to put myself into hypnosis to help calm myself down. 

I learnt more about myself and how certain things that have happened to me have affected me more than I thought.

Hypnosis feels amazing! And it works online!

SP, Carrington

I was surprised how easy the process was. Sue made me feel understood right from the beginning, and was able to clearly explain the process from the start to finish. 

My first appointment was in her office and then due to covid my second and third appointment were via video link.

 I found home therapy easier as I was relaxed in my own environment. It really works for me and I found it to be a magical experience. 

Thank you Sue you have changed my life.

TB, Thornton

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a computer, smart phone or tablet, and can use the internet and an email account, you are halfway there already. You will receive an email a couple of days before your appointment, with a direct link to take you to the private online consultation room at the time of the appointment.


Newcastle Hypnotherapy uses a teleconferencing platform which is accessible by computers, tablets and mobile phones. Each consultation has a unique identifier code and can only be accessed by people who have the code, ie the health professional and the client. Of course, it is recommended that you book your appointment for a time when you will have the privacy you want.

It costs the same as face-to-face consultations. Fees need to be paid in advance by credit/debit card or direct transfer. Fees apply for credit/debit cards.

After your book your session, you will receive an invoice by email, together with Bank Account Details for direct transfer of your payment. If you prefer to pay by credit/debit card, the email will also include a link to a secure site for you to enter your payment details. Full payment of your fees is required before your session.