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Before seeing Sue, I was suffering from severe anxiety, not coping with my past and continually doubting and questioning my future. I couldn’t control my thoughts and most of the time they were negative.

I now feel a sense of calm in my life. I’m more focused and dealing with life on a day to day basis. I found my experience to be kind of magical and totally believe in hypnotherapy and how we can unravel the confusion anxiety causes. I will continue therapy in the future to deal with other aspects of my mental health.
TB, Thornton

Hypnotherapy Reviews

Relieving Unconscious Childhood Beliefs

I saw Sue for help to relieve childhood unconscious beliefs that were holding me back from living my life in the present day with freedom and possibility.

I was held back by unconscious childhood beliefs that were stopping me from feeling free and open.

Since seeing Sue, I have rediscovered freedom, joy and liberation that was always inside of me.

Those beliefs do not exist anymore.

Michelle, Cooks Hill

Hypnosis for public speaking

I saw Sue for support and strategies to improve at interviews and when speaking in front of large groups.

I was highly anxious before and during interviews and when speaking in front of an audience. Difficulty thinking, articulating thoughts, breathing at times. Total feeling of overwhelm.

Since seeing Sue, I am much more aware of physical sensations and thoughts when in these situations. Using strategies and mindsets to adjust patterns of thinking increased confidence in above situations.

What surprised me most about hypnotherapy was how easy and effective it was, and the changes I saw after just the first session. Sue was just wonderful. I felt a connection to her immediately.

KS, Black Hill

Now I am easily able to manage anxious feelings

“I saw Sue to assist with anxiety following my first ever panic attack. I was very anxious and not myself. Constantly overthinking aspects of life and becoming more reclusive following my panic attack.

Now I am easily able to manage anxious feelings and whilst I understand that I may have a panic attack again I understand the ways that I need to deal with it if it does occur and am not constantly worried.

What surprised me about hypnotherapy is how effective it was. It has been 1 month since my initial appointment and I can see the impact it has had in my overall general day, I am more positive and things that I was previously concerned about do not seem as heavy.”

I would definitely recommend Sue for hypnotherapy.”

SK, Merewether

You have changed my life

“Before seeing Sue, I was suffering from severe anxiety, not coping with my past and continually doubting and questioning my future. I couldn’t control my thoughts and most of the time they were negative.

I now feel a sense of calm in my life. I’m more focused and dealing with life on a day to day basis. I found my experience to be kind of magical and totally believe in hypnotherapy and how we can unravel the confusion anxiety causes. I will continue therapy in the future to deal with other aspects of my mental health.

I was most surprised by how easy the process was. Sue made me feel understood right from the beginning, and was able to clearly explain the process from the start to finish. My first appointment was in her office and then due to COVID my second and third appointment were via video link. I found home therapy easier as I was relaxed in my own environment. It really works for me and I found it to be a magical experience.

Thank you Sue, you have changed my life.”

TB, Thornton

Hypnosis feels amazing!

“I was extremely anxious all the time. I couldn’t leave the house by myself and I was having frequent panic attacks. Now I have learnt about my anxiety triggers and how to deal with panic attacks. I have learnt how to put myself into a hypnosis to help me calm myself down. I learnt more about myself and how certain things that have happened to me have affected me more than I thought. I can stem my triggers back to a specific incident that has happened to me. Hypnosis feels amazing!”

SP, Adamstown

Now I am able to be myself and confident

“I came to this service for help with my anxiety and fears over small problems.I found it hard to be myself and fully confident. Now, I am able to be myself and confident. It is nothing like being hypontised by magician or in cartoon, instead you are in a deep sleep that you still have full control of.”

Eve, aged 13 (2 sessions)

I had no idea something could work so quickly.

“My son saw Sue for help with my son’s needle phobia. We saw our gp for many appointment to try to get him used to the process of having a needle in the same environment. We went to a psychologist who also tried cognitive therapy. None of these approaches changed the fear response my son was having when faced with the final approach of the needle.

After 5 years of trying to help my son overcome his needle phobia we had 2 sessions with Sue and he has been able to have his Covid – 19 vaccination. The first session Sue was able to peacefully free him of his crippling needle phobia. He walked away from the session instantly fine with needles!!  All the instinctive flight fight fright responses were gone. The 2nd session freed him of his floating or general anxieties which has allowed him to feel his feelings come and go, good or bad as we all do, without that rock in the pitt of his stomach. To be able to make choices based on his actual feelings not anxieties.

I was surprised it worked!!! Lol sorry Sue! After everything we have been through to try to help him over the years I had no idea something could work so quickly. I honestly feel bittersweet, so so happy he has overcome this, but also as a mum so sad we didn’t know this sooner and could have helped him sooner.

It was not traumatic or painful, quite the opposite, he was awake and seemed to enjoy it. The opposite to other treatments we tried.

If you are uncertain I say o not hesitate to call Sue, she will definitely be able to help you or your loved one. Thank you Sue, you have forever changed our sons world for the better and we will be eternally grateful.”

Amye, Lake Macquarie

I have been able to be more self aware

“I saw Sue for help with my anxiety. Small events in my life would add to my anxiety, so that I was constantly running on a high level of anxiety. Since seeing Sue, I have been able to be more self aware and feel my anxiety lessening.

What surprised me most about hypnotherapy was how calming it is.”


I feel free

“I came to see Sue for help to calm my anxiety and change my way of thinking in regards to myself and the world around me. I had a lot of doubts and fear. Anxiety was a big controller in my life.

Now, I feel free. I don’t feel weighed down by negative emotions anymore! I was surprised about how effective hypnotherapy was.”


No reaction to previous triggers

“Before seeing Sue I was feeling overwhelmed with anxiety – was becoming more frequent and triggered by insignificant/trivial events.

Since seeing Sue I am calmer. Able to control any feelings of anxiety with a little shallow breath and it passes. I have no reaction to previous triggers. Sleeping better as well.

With regard to hypnotherapy I was surprised how quickly my mind re-adjusted its reactions to situations where previously I would have had an overwhelming feeling of anxiety! I was very committed to focusing throughout the process and believed this has helped me with my results.”

Kirsty (1 appointment)

I really looked forward to each session

“I originally came to see Sue for help with nail biting, but actually it was more anxiety and unresolved issues from my past.

The thing that surprised me most about hypnotherapy was how very relaxing it was, freeing and I really looked forward to each session, knowing how much better I would feel after. I definitely recommend Sue and her services.”


I feel more grounded and at peace with myself

“My GP referred Sue & after my previous treatments for anxiety I was open to the idea of trying hypnotherapy. Before seeing Sue I was suffering terrible anxiety and post natal depression. I wanted to try alternative therapies before starting on a stronger medication.

Since seeing Sue I feel grounded & more at peace with myself. Prior to Sue I was really struggling to come to terms with becoming a mother as well as coping with the pandemic.

Hypnotherapy is not as crazy as you think. If you go in with an open mind that’s the best thing to do. There’s no voodoo or sage suffocating smudges. Sue is a professional & I found her very comfortable to talk to.”

GW, Lemon Tree Passage (3 sessions)

I’m feeling much more in control

“I came to see Sue for help with Anxiety and Weight Loss. I was unsure how to manage my anxiety without medication. I was also unsure how to stop stress eating. I was anxious about pretty much everything and also angry and not a nice person to be around! Now, I am not experiencing anxiety as much and if I do it is not to the same level it once was and I am also able to talk myself around it. I’m feeling much more in control of my thoughts and how I communicate.

What surprised me most about hypnotherapy is that you are in control the whole time. Sue definitely helped me and I would definitely recommend her services.”

Debbie, Mayfield

I can now see things with clarity

“I saw Sue for help with anxiety and stress, I felt on edge as if I could never fully rest and feel at peace. Now, I know what calm is again. To be fully present and in the moment. The butterflies in my stomach have calmed down and I can now see things with clarity. What surprised me most was how easy hypnotherapy was to do. How well it worked and continues to keep working after the appointments.”

KB, Eleebana

I feel more motivated than ever

“I came to see Sue for help with general anxiety, but also key triggers affecting daily tasks, I felt nervous most of the time, some days that unmotivated I wouldn’t want to do anything.

I was surprised how quickly things thanked. Between the sessions themselves and the audio to take home, the entire experience was so easy.

I now feel more motivated than ever, and actually deliberately challenging my fears when given the opportunity.”

Tom, Rutherford

I saw Sue for Trauma Related Anxiety

“I saw Sue for Trauma Related Anxiety. I felt unsafe in my body and had a general sense of uneasiness in my world. Since seeing Sue, I feel safe in my body and have a sense of trust and confidence within myself.

What surprised me about hypnotherapy was the power it has to change how you feel in such a short period of time.”

Kerry, Merewether (3 sessions)

The sessions worked a treat!

“Just wanted to let you know how great I have felt since my sessions with you. As you know I had anxiety regarding overseas travel. We went to the Middle East end of January and I didn’t experience any symptoms of anxiety and there were some uneasy moments and times of uncertainty when we had to cancel half our trip because of Covid.

We gave been back about 10 weeks now and have also needed to drive to Sydney twice (which used to make me anxious) . Once again felt quite at ease.
Yesterday was another test for me as I went to donate blood, something that also used to unnerve me, but I breezed through it! Thank you so much for my treatment sessions which have obviously worked a treat!”

Bronwyn (3 sessions)

Hypnosis is next level. It exceeded my expectations

“I became ill with a stomach disorder 12 months ago which I am still in the process of trying to get a diagnosis as many’s tests have found nothing. The physical discomfort this was causing and not knowing what it is, what causes it, what to do to relieve it and when and if it will get better or if I now have to live with it for the rest of my life put my anxiety through the roof. A phychologist confirmed my anxiety was caused by uncertainty and other uncertainties in life that never use to really bother me were now stressing me out also.

My psychologist helped me manage this well through mindfulness and meditation. But this needs to be done consistently, as soon as I became complacent with the meditation the anxiety came creeping back.

After my first session with Sue WOW I was on cloud 9. For the first time in 12 months my mind was quiet. It has now been a month since my third session I have not felt the need for meditation. Best thing about it is that unhelpful autopilot unhelpful fear response to certain senarios I use to have is gone.

I thought of myself as a pretty calm and relaxed person 12 months ago before my whole stomach ordeal started. I wouldn’t say I’m back to normal I’m BETTER then normal.

Hypnosis is next level. Anyone want to kick their anxiety once and for all book in with Sue now. What surprised me most about hypnosis?

The fact that by bypassing and speaking to your subconscious you don’t have to talk about all your problems and bring up all your old demons during session.
That it can help with worries and unhelpful behaviours you didn’t even know you had.

It exceeded my expectations, especially getting rid of my autopilot anxiety response where it is not helpful.”

Christopher (3 online sessions)

You feel very secure

“I wanted help with what I thought were “my” failings resulting in what I considered to be bad habits getting in the way of me reaching goals, or even just feeling like I had a productive day, week, month, or even year.

Overall I felt out of balance and actually didn’t really know why.

Before seeing Sue, I felt frustrated with myself and overwhelmed by day to day life, let alone bigger or longer term issues. I felt like I was failing me and my family for really very minor things. I didn’t realise the weight of the “old” stuff that was weighing me down (before my day even started).

Since seeing Sue, I feel much lighter, and clearer. Much clearer about what is realistic, what my strengths are, what I needed to let go of, and what/WHO is important to me.

What surprised me most about hypnosis was: You feel very secure that your conscious/subconscious wouldn’t let you go to where you aren’t ready for, if anything did arise that was too much in that moment.”

LC (2 online sessions)

A wonderful experience

“The past few weeks undergoing hypnosis with Sue have been a wonderful experience. The whole process has been so positive and I’m looking forward to the changes to my life that I am already feeling take shape. I was hypnotized for my severe anxiety disorder, and for the first time in about a decade I am feeling relaxed and able to redirect my brain to a more positive way of thinking and feeling. Thanks so much Sue, I would highly recommend this service to anyone and everyone.”

Jarrod, Hunter Valley (3 online sessions)

My self-sabotaging inner dialogue has gone

“I came to see Sue for help, because I had tried everything and needed to get my life in order as a result of being medically retired, holding onto stuff from my past which had resulted in many self-limiting beliefs.

Ever since working with Sue, all the bad memories since childhood onwards are no longer there – like they’ve just disappeared. I’m stronger and more confident and stand up for my self more, my self sabotaging inner dialogue has gone – I’m more confident now.

What surprised me most about hypnosis was how easy it was, how effective it is, and like going to a doctor for a yearly check up I can go back if I have more issues and get them dealt with before they become a major problem.”

Carole Robinson, Fullerton Cove

I am amazed at the change

“I came to see Sue for treatment for stress, anxiety, excesses, time keeping, and I am amazed at the change. What surprised me most is that changes do happen!”

Richard, Kotara

More Calm & Stress Free each day

“I came to see Sue for Peace of mind, calmness and motivation, and to get rid of the “voices” in my head. Since working with Sue,  I have felt a huge difference in my brain by allowing me to be more calm & stress free each day. What surprised me most about hypnosis was how crazy & amazing it all is. It really is an amazing thing & has helped me in more ways than I could have helped myself.”

Sevanna, Minmi

A great difference in my life

“I have decided not to do any more sessions. The help has been fantastic. I am still healing but I am so much better. So thank you very much for your help it has made a great difference in my life. I am feeling good and moving on from this hard time in my life and looking forward to better things.”
Michael (6 online hypnotherapy sessions)

Inner peace and joy

“I came to see Sue to find my mojo, help with more positive internal dialogue, find inner peace & joy. To help with sleeping. Ever since working with Sue, I’ve felt better bye to express myself, able to accept myself and how I feel & to be kind to myself. I still wake up a little bit during the night but find I go back to sleep easier. What surprised me most about hypnosis is how much more positive I feel and how much more calm I feel.”

Karen, Inverell

Sue helped a lot

“I had obsessive thoughts. I was sceptical at first but I wanted a drug free solution and sue helped a lot.”

Don, Cessnock (2 appointments)

I’m amazed how easy this process was

“It’s been 30 days since my first appointment with Sue and I’m amazed how easy this process was to become a true Nonsmoker.  I highly recommend Sue to anyone who seriously wants to quit smoking.”

Paul, Dungog

Performance anxiety has improved!

“I just got back from Japan last week and would like to thank you for the amazing job you did! My performance anxiety has improved and there are no issues with falling asleep! You rock!”

Bianca (2 appointments)

I was sceptical at first……

“So very glad I tried hypnotherapy with Sue. I was sceptical at first as I had no experience with this type of therapy but I am very happy with the result and found the process comfortable and reassuring.”

Mary, Waratah (3 sessions)

Cannot thank her enough!

“I feel like seeing Sue has allowed me to be free of my anxiety that has been holding me back for so long and finally start living my life! I noticed right away the change and I’m never going back! The hypnosis was surreal but also she gave me lots of techniques to cope with other things happening in my head and I use these everyday! Cannot thank her enough!”

Louise, Seaham (2 appointments)


“I saw Sue regarding anxiety. My experience was wonderful! Sue offers a wonderful, supportive, safe environment.”

Emma, Belmont (1 appointment)

I would tell everyone to see Sue

“Sue is amazing !! I was really hoping this was going to help my anxieties, I wasn’t sure if it would or not but thought I had to give it a go. I am so glad I did! My glass is now only half empty and miraculously no matter how hard I try to bring my anxious thoughts back into my head and get that awful knot tying, panicky feeling in my stomach and chest, I can’t. I am forever grateful. I would tell everyone to see Sue. What have you got to lose besides the anxieties lol :)”

Libby (1 appointment)

The turning point for managing my depression

“Sue has been the turning point for managing my depression. Within a few sessions I felt free of the weight of depression and no longer need antidepressants.

I choose to see Sue regularly as an ongoing tool for my wellness, and really look forward to our catchups. Thankyou Sue, I’m so grateful our paths have crossed.”

Melissa, Charlestown

Made a huge difference

“The [hypnotherapy] treatment really helped, it has made a huge difference to how I process my thoughts now. A big thank you, Sue.”

Gina, Anna Bay (2 appointments)

I’m in charge again

“I am glad I saw you. You made me feel positive about myself. I have been sewing quilts like a bat out of hell! I do not feel like I’m letting myself down, as I have always been a doer all my life. I’m in charge again.”

Margaret, Toronto (2 appointments)

I am now feeling like a normal person

“I was unsure that I would be able to be hypnotised but I must have, because I am now feeling like normal person again & all my anxiety has gone, thanks to Sue.”

Sharon, Warners Bay (1 session)

I’m a happier man because of her help

“Sue helped me to overcome my anxiety during interviews by providing relaxation & confidence techniques to naturally overcome and conquer my anxiety. I have found new ways to de-stress and boost self confidence without the need to overthink and stress myself out in the process. I highly recommend Sue to all who need a hand in cutting and connecting the right thought processes to naturally cure and overcome any stress that may present itself. I’m a happier man because of her help.”

Patrick, Charlestown (2 appointments)

Helped Me Get Past My Insecurities

“I’ve been doing well, your sessions really helped me get past my insecurities and I have found myself doing things I would never have done previously. Thanks!”
Briony, Carrington (3 appointments)

None of the Previous Anxiety or Negative Thinking

“(My daughter) sat her trial HSC exam for Biology on Wednesday this week – a huge 3 hour exam. I have not seen her look so calm and energised for an exam! When I dropped her off at school and wished her luck she said “thanks mum, I’ve got this!” which I had no doubt she did but there was none of the previous anxiety or negative thinking like before. I am certain your session with her has had a big impact on her subconscious and her ability to manage her pre-exam stress. So thanks, again!”

Kim, Kotara (1 appointment)

Made a believer out of me!

“I automatically look at the lining of my clouds now, and often wake up genuinely happy. Thanks, Sue.”

Sherry, Newcastle (2 appointments)

Helped me put things into perspective

“Sue put me at ease immediately. I found her to be an experienced clinician.

The hypnotherapy had a relaxing, immediate effect alongside her counselling which I found beneficial and helped me put things into perspective in both the short and long term.”

Kiddo, Merewether (5 appointments)

Never felt so in control

“I had heard the positives of hypnotherapy, but when my GP recommended this “alternate” method of “treatment” to help deal with coping with anxiety, I realised there just might be something in it. I had the “breathing to relax” down pat, so what could I lose? I lost nothing, and gained everything. Sue was amazing, gentle yet realistic, no mamsy pamsy trance like state where you lose consciousness and don’t remember a thing, just gentle conversation and relaxation . I am calmer, more able to cope with life’s stresses (and there are some!). I didn’t have to be a bleeding heart, or tell my life’s story, I just had to explain what I was feeling and then listen. Just listen. A few sessions later and I have never felt so in control of my thoughts and emotions. No more churned stomach or sick feeling for me. I will know where to go if I ever get so overwhelmed again. I cannot recommend Sue enough nor the benefits or hypnotherapy.”

Narelle (3 appointments)

Helped me through one of my darkest times

“I feel Sue helped me through one of my darkest times after losing our baby. I believe without Sue’s help we may not have had any more children – thank you Sue!”

Bronwyn, Maitland (3 appointments)

Sue is very professional

“I had hypnotherapy with Sue to help me manage some food issues. She is very professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone!!”

Rachel, Cardiff

Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool

“I saw Sue for help to move forward with my life and overcome low self-esteem and anxiety. Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool. I felt a wave of relaxation in Sue’s office overcome me. Along with this, every other reason I saw Sue for hypnotherapy is now overcome – truly a worthwhile practice. Thanks!!”

Linda, Merewether (2 appointments)

A most positive experience

“I found Sue’s services to be a most positive experience. Her relaxation techniques in particular have provided me with the tools to deal with the stress and anxiety I have suffered for decades. This has resulted in an increasingly positive outlook on life, much to the relief of my family. Sue’s professionalism and kindness is also very reassuring. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to others.”

Steve, Adamstown (3 appointments)

The most incredible labour experience

“All thanks to you Sue I had the most incredible labour experience, I was completely calm the whole 17 hours and for 13 hours I was able to breath through the pain. I cannot praise you higher! Thank you thank you thank you. I can’t wait for you to meet her.”

Sophia, Raymond Terrace (3 appointments)

Positive ways to improve my life

“Early caution passed and Sue showed me positive ways to manage and improve my life.”

David, Maitland (2 appointments)

I was somewhat sceptical prior to my visit

“Sue is highly professional, yet personable, and able to establish a strong rapport and trust very quickly and credibly. I was somewhat sceptical prior to my visit as I’ve never undergone hypnotherapy. I see and feel significant and tangible changes in myself and I have new-found skills to deal with matters that previously rendered me inoperable. Thank you.”

Colin, Mayfield (3 appointments)

Happier now

“I am much happier now. I can cope with school and life in general all thanks to Sue.”

Beth, Adamstown (2 appointments)

Welcoming and calming

“I find Sue very welcoming, calming and easy to talk to. Sometimes you need someone neutral to help sift through issues without the emotional connection. Sue gave me some strategies and also helped me “let go” of some guilt and anger and resentment with the help of hypnotherapy. I found the experience to be quite healing and cathartic. I would recommend Sue and would see her again myself.”

Margaret, Lambton (1 appointment)

A Special Professional

“Sue has been so instrumental in my depression after the loss of my wife of 45 years. The tools to use have made me “educated” in human nature after my loss … Be ready to accept help from a special professional like Sue.”

Roger, Warners Bay (5 appointments)

Calming experience

“Thank you Sue for a very calming experience. I liked your professional approach and skill at being able to hypnotise me. Never thought I could relax enough for that to happen.”

Rachael, Newcastle (2 appointments)

Quality of life has improved

“I think that the ultimate outcome is that I can recognise my anxiety more easily/readily, and therefore implement strategies to manage it sooner than I could before having hypnotherapy. So the issues have not been removed, but I find I am having greater success at managing them. Therefore, my quality of life has improved.”

Angela, Merewether Heights (2 appointments)

Recommend Sue to anyone

“Sue helped me to overcome stresses and pressures that had been hanging over me for years. She taught me strategies to let go of anger and relax myself. I had been experiencing panic attacks for 7 years and have not had one since completing my treatment more than 6 months ago. I have recommended her to anyone I can and informed them of my success and of the wonderful relationship Sue and I developed during our sessions. Thanks again, Sue!”

Julie, Dudley (2 appointments)

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis works

Before seeing Sue for Virtual Gastric Band I was a compulsive eater loved choc lollies cakes come home from work and eat everything in sight.

Now I don’t crave the choc lollies caks or anything sweet.  Dont hoover or inhale food when I walk into the kitchen after work.  And I enjoy my exercise

It works.  I have been on diets for 40plus years have allways been over weight, loose it and then put twice as much on.

The weight is coming off slow and steady.



For the first time in a very long time, I have made time for something for myself

“I came to Sue to help me to lose weight, without being in a bad mood around my loved ones

Before seeing Sue:

I had tried everything from fad diets to meal replacement shakes, but nothing seemed to work. I work in food so I am constantly either talking about, or looking at food, then eating food. I had become surrounded by food and not in a good way. Snacking was a huge issue for me and let’s not forget comfort eating as well. I also have a stressful, sedentary job so I don’t really move much in my day to day activities.

Since seeing Sue:

I no longer snack between meals, I make sure I eat only three smaller meals a day and I move more. I mean I’ve gone from around 1200 steps per day to around 6-7000 steps per day. I no longer have any qualms about talking about food, or looking at food. it’s just food! A thing… no longer as important to my day as it once was.

The thing that surprised me most about hypnotherapy was:

I found hypnotherapy very relaxing and when I spoke to Sue after she has noticed that I am much calmer than at the beginning. Any issues that I have had in regards to food have disappeared and I find myself just getting up and moving more, just for the pleasure of moving. Not exercising as such, just moving more. For the first time in a very long time, I have made time for something for myself, something that will see my health improve and I like myself so much more.”


I left feeling confident and in control

“I saw Sue for help with controlling my weight. I am an emotional eater.

I have continuously gained weight for a number of years. In times of stress, when anxious, when alone, when scared, I would look and find comfort in food. I was medicated and the drugs that worked for me had the side effect of weight gain which didn’t help.

When listening to my recording it gives me a sense of calm and that I am in control. I haven’t lost weight but I haven’t gained any either which I am really happy about.

The thing that surprised me the most about hypnotherapy was how good I felt after my sessions with Sue. I left feeling confident and in control.

Sue definitely helped me and I would definitely recommend her and her services.”


Sue has given my life back to me with the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis sessions

“Sue has given my life back to me with the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis sessions.

After many years of dieting, I never had the understanding about which foods trigger weight gain in me and which assist weight loss, which I now have, since I undertook the Virtual Gastric Band program.

The whole process has been wonderful and easy, surprisingly so as I have always said I would never be hypnotized.

Everyone at work was dumbstruck when I said I was being hypnotized, as they didn’t think it would be possible, I am very assertive and opinionated. They have been astounded by the results.

I was at my wits’ end when I saw the Virtual Gastric Band advertised on Facebook and contacted Sue.  I could not walk from the carpark to work without strong painkillers, and still suffered excruciating pain, which is now all but gone and I haven’t required pain killers for many weeks now.

After the Virtual Gastric band program, I am now pain free, I have hope and a future.  I cannot recommend the program and Sue too highly.

The thing I really liked about the program is that you get all the benefits of Gastric Banding without any of the side effects.

I really loved being in Canberra for a recent wedding and had to go to the shopping mall to get something, and I was able to stride through the shopping centre to the extent, my husband asked me to slow down.  Something I have been unable to do for more than 10 years.  I have actually generally avoided shopping centres, because of the walking required.”


Lost 20kg and eat better

“I came to see Sue for my weight, I needed to lose the weight for me and my health. Ever since working with Sue, I have found that I make better choices with what I eat.

What surprised me most about hypnosis was there is no pain and you don’t know that you are doing it I have now lose 20kg and eat better.”

Karen, Hunter Valley

Hypnotherapy definitely works

I was 49 when I had my 1st appointment with Sue, had smoked on and off since I was 14. It’s now been 14 months and smoke free: my family are proud of me but more importantly, I’m proud of myself. Newcastle Hypnotherapy worked for me. Online too!


Non-smoker after 37 years of smoking

After smoking for 37 years, I am now a non-smoker!!!! I saw Sue for hypnotherapy. It worked, it felt safe and comfortable. I definitely recommend her services


I’m amazed how easy this Quit Smoking process was

It’s been 30 days since my first appointment with Sue and I’m amazed how easy this process was to become a true Nonsmoker. I highly recommend Sue to anyone who seriously wants to quit smoking.


I have not smoked since the end of the first session

I was smoking a pack a day till I saw Sue. I have not smoked since the end of the first session. I am a non smoker. And my husband is going to Sue now too!


I was smoking a packet every 2 days

Before seeing Sue I was smoking a packet every two days, and since seeing Sue I have not smoked. I was surprised how effortless and successful it was.


Anxiety and depression free. Haven’t had a cigarette

“I came to see Sue for help with anxiety and depression and smoking. Anxiety was through the roof. I was always down, and had multiple visits to hospital [panic attacks]. I was smoking 15-20 cigarettes a day.

Now I’m anxiety and depression free. I haven’t had a cigarette since seeing Sue. I was surprised at how well hypnotherapy worked along with the power of the mind. The combination of both and how it was explained to me has changed everything.”

Alex, Cessnock (3 sessions)

Would highly recommend

“I saw Sue for emotional trauma and smoking. I would highly recommend Sue.”

Peter, Newcastle

Was surprised how good it can work

I had worked with Sue previously approx 2 years ago. I was also seeking assistance from psych and counselling. Sue assisted with hypnotherapy to understand and acknowledge past trauma and how I can manage this and move forward. It works, was surprised how good it can work.


Hypnosis is fun and stress free

I found the whole experience of Hypnosis to be quite fun and stress free. I can’t thank Sue enough for her help, she has changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful.


I’m so grateful for your help

Pushing the 4 month mark in a few days.

I owe you the world, I haven’t been happier. From the bottom of my heart I’m so grateful for your help. You’ve also helped one of my best mates who is going really well himself, I’ve also told a lot of people about you and your services. Look forward to seeing you soon in the near future, as they say good things come to good people. And you sure are one of them. Thank yo.


No pokies now for 5 weeks

I came to Sue for help with Pokies, the problem was very bad.

Since seeing her things have been good. No pokies now for 5 weeks.


She has changed my life

“I saw Sue for assistance with Gambling Addiction. I found the whole experience of hypno to be quite fun and stress free, I can’t thank Sue enough for her help, she has changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful.”

Michael, Cooks Hill (3 sessions)

It is almost impossible to put into words the changes that have happened

“I came to see Sue for drinking alcohol. After speaking with Sue about the reasons for my drinking I also decided to work with Sue to address my lifelong depression  anxiety and CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I was resigned to depression being my cross to bear.  Something that I would always need to manage.  Every day was an exercise in putting one foot in front of the other to make it through the day. I felt that I had gone as far as I could with counselling and other trauma therapies. I thought I would need medication for life. A month or so prior to my appointment with Sue I was experiencing constant suicidal ideation. My children were so used to seeing me in tears that they didn’t even respond to it anymore. 

It is almost impossible to put into words the changes that have happened since seeing Sue. I feel lighter and excited for my life. I’m unapologetic about putting myself first. Those traumatic events seem so small and insignificant. I can honestly say I do not feel depressed or anxious at all.  I am weaning off of my antidepressants. People comment that I seem different, they say there is a change in my voice and I seem more upbeat. Life is just great. I’m currently in lockdown with 2 small children, I’m working full time, I’m sleep deprived… but I’m just handling it like it’s no big deal!

I did both in-person and telehealth sessions. I was surprised that the virtual session was just as effective as the in-person one. 

I was also surprised by what a nice experience it was.  It wasn’t traumatic, it was gentle and easy.”


You’re a miracle worker!!!

“I recently did a series of hypnotherapy sessions with Sue and Ive waited weeks to write my review because whilst I immediately noticed a positive result I was scared those effects would go away. Well Im happy to say I am still enjoying the positive results, I am no longer experiencing panic attacks in tough situations and I am approaching these situations with a feeling of calm and control. Im now able to think and take action from a positive headspace rather than reacting.
Thank you Sue for my new calmer self and my ability to now get a good nights sleep, you’re a miracle worker!!!”


I no longer have anxiety!!!

“I came to see Sue for help with aniexty, depression, chronic fatigue. I no longer have anxiety!!! My mood is elevated. Better self confidence. The thing that surprised me most about hypnotherapy was the Instant changes!”

Belle, Hamilton

I can’t recommend Sue enough!

“I completed my TRTP with Sue and I found it helped me tremendously. I can’t recommend Sue enough!”

Blair Adrienne

I’m free to be who I truly am

“I found Sue and the RTP approach simply amazing. After 20 years of being thrown around the mental health system this very simple process changed me. I was willing to do whatever it took to improve my life and took the chance with Sue . Words can’t express the change in me , I approach life without any more anger or guilt and I’m free to finally be who I truly am.

My gratitude for Sue will forever be and I cannot recommend the TRP process enough. I think Sue is ahead of her time using this process and hypnotherapy to unleash the power of the mind! Past present and future.”

Kel, Port Stephens

My mind is calm, I am content

“Treatment with Sue has become the main division in my life timeline. There was my life before and after, the positive change I have experienced has filtered out into all aspects of my life. My mind is calm, I am content and achieving things I could not have considered before. I look forward to every day now instead of fearing waking up and getting out of bed.”

Ron, Hamilton

A weight has been lifted

“Before seeing Sue, I lived in fear, anxiety. Felt blocked, can’t progress. Now, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I look at life more positively and without procrastination.”

Elsie, Dungog


“I can not believe this difference this has made! Actually, I CAN!! My life is now on an even keel. NIL ANXIETY!!!”

Linda, Lake Macquarie

Sue is a wonderful therapist

“Sue is a wonderful therapist, easy to talk to and extremely good at what she does. I highly recommend Sue and will not hesitate to return to her myself in the future if needed.”


Now he is back enjoying his life

“Sue is amazing, she hypnotised my husband using the Richards Trauma Process and he is now back enjoying his life 😊”

Carol, Charlestown

Traditional medicine had done all it could

“Firstly, I wish to say a big “thank you” to Sue, you are a truly amazing woman! I would also like to apologise for my delay in posting my feedback, it is in no way a reflection of how I felt about the whole Richards Trauma Process. I first had the privilege to meet Sue when she was helping my brother to try and re-gain his life back.. traditional medicine had done all it could do… and nothing was helping it seemed all hope was lost and he was destined to life of severe depression and anxiety, then along can this “Angel”called Sue…. To watch my brothers transformation in such a short space of time, was nothing short of a miracle! It was because of my brothers success that I decided I would try the Richards Trauma process for myself . I have recommended Sue to some of my friends in the hope they take this opportunity to experience this process for themselves. Sue is an extremely caring, and professional person who I found hilariously funny at times… ( in a good way! Sue).”

Robyn, Newcastle

I am so grateful

“The treatment I did with Sue was so helpful. It helped me overcome a lot of emotional baggage and has helped me grow into the person and mother I know I can be. I am so grateful for the skills she taught me and I will carry them with me forever. Highly recommend seeing Sue as she is amazing and I have been told by lots of friends and family how much of a positive change she helped make in my life.”

Jessinta, New Lambton

I cannot believe the differences in my mindset and outlook!

“I cannot believe the differences in my mindset and outlook! Sue was fantastic, personable and reassuring. I would highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to fresh start and outlook on life. It really is just like magic! Thank you Sue!!”

Ellie, Anna Bay

Life changing!

“Amazing program! It’s been life changing. X”

Sue, Wallsend

I feel the difference

“It’s been a year since I came to see you and I feel the difference from the steps I have taken since. I’m so much more aware, healed, positive and at peace. Thanks for your help.”

Sandy, Belmont

I can now move on from the past

“Sue I was skeptical in the beginning, but you certainly made me a believer just after my first session. I honestly can’t believe what a difference you have made. I can now move on from the past and enjoy a wonderful life with my young family. We can’t thank you enough!”

Mel, Maryland

Turbo-charged treatment

“I have often felt that we have a vague blue print attached to our lives that allows us to meander but eventually arrive at the correct destination. I think this treatment was turbo charged assistance to get to that destination in the best shape possible.”

Jill, Newcastle

Engaging and encouraging

“A great therapist who had a great manner of engaging and encouraging me throughout the process . Goals set were realistic and attainable .Sue’s gentle yet strong nature allowed any defenses to be dropped and progress to be made.”

Sarah, Belmont

I can get on with life and have a great time

“I suffer from depression and anxiety and have done all my life. In 2009  I was bitten by a paralysis tick and got a virus called Australian spotted fever (like the lymes thing). This has affected my immune system and nervous system significantly.

You can imagine, that although I thought I had my depression under control, it was challenged significantly by my lovely new virus. Sue identified I had been through trauma as a child and later as an adult and suggested the Richards Trauma Process.

This is like nothing I have been through before, and believe me, I’ve tried. This process does not make you dig up and talk about all the pain and memories and relive them for hours and hours and session after session.

During the process, I saw and spoke to Sue regularly which was fantastic. After each session I felt better, more confident, more capable, more ME. When it was over, my life had changed irrevocably for the better. I can now face what life may have in store for me in the future, which lets face it, could be anything, just like everyone else.

Sue’s kindness, care, focus, support and no nonsense delivery of the program suited me perfectly. She explained everything to me and guided me through the process in such a way that I was not apprehensive and I was excited about what my future might hold.

Well it’s a couple of months since my treatment ended, and I am actually great. I have had a couple setbacks with my illness, but whatever, I can get on with life and have an great time while I’m doing it!

Thank you Sue, for everything, my life is forever better because of you and the Richards Trauma Process.”

Tracy, Wollombi

Free of past crap & trauma

“In the past I had been told that I would be healed, but I never felt FREE. The [therapy] processes I experienced in the Past were gut-wrenchingly traumatic, having to re-tell my story was very PAINFUL. I would leave [therapy] feeling like my guts had been ripped out and I was supposed to then act normal until the next appointment. It was like my wounds would start to heal & then they would be gouged out again, and the same old merry-go-round and roller-coaster would continue.

The Richards Trauma Process is nothing like that.   It is FREEING!!!!!!!!! Even now it feels too good to be true.  FREE!!!!!!!! Thank you Sue, and thank you Judith (Richards)!”

Rhonda, Lake Macquarie

I have more clarity and acceptance

“I saw Sue to release past (childhood) patterns/issues that were holding me back in my life today.

Initially I didn’t think that the process had worked for me at all – mainly due to the fact that I found it almost impossible to relax enough and having Tourette’s [Syndrome] made it even more difficult. Also I was holding an incredible amount of resentment and anger, which was difficult to access and release at the the time.

Weeks later though, the anger and rage came to the surface to be acknowledged and dealt with, and thankfully I now have more clarity and acceptance around significant issues and behaviours, enabling me to make positive changes.”

Nicola, Maitland

Reinforcing a sense of self worth

“It helped to expose and express a lot of embedded stresses and fears and to bring them to the recognition of letting go, with the self-help focus on calming and peaceful places and experience.

The culminating and rapid focus of where my life is at this present time, and the reinforcing of a sense of self worth, and the choice to be and walk with confidence in the future days of my life.

Sue was very supportive, accepting and trusting in her approach.”

Doris, Merewether

Can it be this good?

“Can it be this good? My mind feels relaxed. Negative, self sabotaging thoughts are cleared. I didn’t realise that my life experiences were continually affecting me on a daily basis. Now those things are gone, and they are in the past.  It’s like my mind has been unlocked and I’ve been released. I had no idea I was stuck in the past because of the things that have happened to me and that I have experienced.

Day to day normal every day stresses don’t seem to impact on me as they did, and I can gather my thoughts and use reasoning to handle situations more calmly.

I feel that my mind is clearer and not overloaded with clutter. I can face the future with excitement and no more dread because I can make decisions for myself. I’ve grown up. The child in me has been comforted and treated with proper care and kindness and I no longer need to unknowingly carry and lug around  the pain, shame, fear (trauma) caused by past experiences.”

Rebecca, Hamilton

very good

“It’s very good. I am still adapting to new thoughts and habits. It’s great and I feel more relaxed and content with myself.”

Cécile, Newcastle

I Am Truly Impressed

“I am truly impressed with Sue providing me with the tools in order to overcome my anxiety and fear of flying.

I am yet to test my flying issue, but I’m confident I will cope well when the time comes.

Sue has helped me greatly with my anxiety issues and would recommend [The Richards Trauma Process] to anyone who wants to take control of their life and feel excited to move forward into the future with confidence to take on whatever comes your way!”

Alison, Wallsend

I love hypnotherapy

“Sue is the best! She really helped me learn to relax and helped me understand my problems. She is very caring and really wants to help you. I love hypnotherapy. I really look forward to my future “top ups” with Sue! Highly recommended!!”

Ellie, Mayfield

Sue has helped me find emotional freedom

“Working with Sue has helped me find emotional freedom. It has enabled me to find strength, peace and happiness and manage stressors. The solution was always within me.

I heard an interesting saying the other day, “we are all guaranteed to die, however we are all not guaranteed to live”.

The financial outlay is in no way significant when you receive the benefits. If you are reading this you want things to change in your life and truly live. What are you waiting for?”

Vicki, Maryland

Regained confidence in myself

“I have already given Sue’s details to two friends who I know will benefit from these sessions. Incredibly uplifting – I have regained my confidence in myself and look forward to each day now. Big thankyou, Sue.”

Melanie, Belmont