Individualised Hypnotherapy programs

How we can help

A program of three hypnotherapy sessions to relieve anxiety and depression. An incredibly effective way to relieve the symptoms and impact of anxiety.
A combination of approaches, including 2 hypnotherapy sessions to easily lead you to Quit Smoking Forever.
Say “Goodbye!” to gambling forever. This 3-session program builds on your natural ability to be a non-gambler.
The Virtual Gastric Band Program as developed by Sheila Granger results in steady, sustainable weight loss without dieting.
A step-by-step process, which resolves even extreme trauma and trauma-related issues of PTSD, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias etc, generally in 3 sessions.
Achieve the same outcomes as individual hypnotherapy. Access the skills and abilities which you already have, but are having difficulties reaching, to achieve the outcomes you want.