Quit Smoking Reviews

Hypnotherapy definitely works

I was 49 when I had my 1st appointment with Sue, had smoked on and off since I was 14. It’s now been 14 months and smoke free: my family are proud of me but more importantly, I’m proud of myself. Newcastle Hypnotherapy worked for me. Online too!


Non-smoker after 37 years of smoking

After smoking for 37 years, I am now a non-smoker!!!! I saw Sue for hypnotherapy. It worked, it felt safe and comfortable. I definitely recommend her services


I’m amazed how easy this Quit Smoking process was

It’s been 30 days since my first appointment with Sue and I’m amazed how easy this process was to become a true Nonsmoker. I highly recommend Sue to anyone who seriously wants to quit smoking.


I have not smoked since the end of the first session

I was smoking a pack a day till I saw Sue. I have not smoked since the end of the first session. I am a non smoker. And my husband is going to Sue now too!


I was smoking a packet every 2 days

Before seeing Sue I was smoking a packet every two days, and since seeing Sue I have not smoked. I was surprised how effortless and successful it was.


Anxiety and depression free. Haven’t had a cigarette

“I came to see Sue for help with anxiety and depression and smoking. Anxiety was through the roof. I was always down, and had multiple visits to hospital [panic attacks]. I was smoking 15-20 cigarettes a day.

Now I’m anxiety and depression free. I haven’t had a cigarette since seeing Sue. I was surprised at how well hypnotherapy worked along with the power of the mind. The combination of both and how it was explained to me has changed everything.”

Alex, Cessnock (3 sessions)

Would highly recommend

“I saw Sue for emotional trauma and smoking. I would highly recommend Sue.”

Peter, Newcastle